Mold resistant duct coating is mostly needed when your home or building has fiberglass air ducts, also known duct board or fiberboard. We will complete the necessary steps such as cleaning and decontamination of any air duct system.

Why would your system require mold resistant duct coating?

Most homes in Florida have fiberglass in some part of the air duct system and will need mold resistant duct coating. The plenum, which is the main duct above the inside air conditioner, is often made of fiberglass. Depending on the design, other parts of the duct system may also be fiberglass. The fiberglass acts as a sponge for dust, dirt and even mold. Other situations when your air duct system requires mold resistant coating include heavy dirt build-ups, microbial growth or suspect mold in the air-conditioning system, or musty odors coming from the ductwork, among others.

Mold Resistant Duct Coating Professionals

EE&G Experts are able to manage and work with any fiberglass air duct system. We know such processes require cleaning and decontamination in accordance with the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) Standards. We follow such standards and after cleaning, we will apply mold resistant duct coating to seal the fiberglass ductwork and prevent fiberglass and particulate from becoming airborne. If the system cannot be properly cleaned and coated, then air duct replacement may be necessary

Mold Resistant Duct Coating to prevent fiberglass from becoming airborne, minimize mold and dirt buildup, and extend the life of the duct system.


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