Fall Is the Time to Clean Air Ducts: Read Why

Fall Is the Time to Clean Air Ducts

Summer is almost over and fall is inbound – are you prepared?

According to EE&G Restoration Miami experts, residents in coastal cities should clean their air ducts before fall comes in and turns out. Here’s why:

Allergy Season Be Gone

Unfortunately, fall is the season of allergies, and unclean air ducts can exacerbate allergies. May respiratory issues act up during the cool season?

Summer is humid, so the air isn’t as dry. Throats and noses don’t itch, but when temperatures drop, it’s time to be extra careful and clean out the air ducts, lest there be any allergens there.

Avoid Mold and Other Pathogens

Air ducts are the top most places for mold to grow and pathogens to fester. If your air ducts aren’t clear, neither is your indoor air!

To avoid exposing yourself to harmful bacteria or unhygienic buildup, it’s essential you clean air ducts to avoid respiratory problems.

You or Others Smoke Indoors

If you’re an indoor smoker, fall is definitely the time to clean your air ducts! Smoke particles will be less suppressed in dryer weather.

To avoid contact from irritants, clean your air ducts before fall hits. You don’t want an itchy nose or sneezing fits, do you?

You’ll Be Spending Time Indoors

When the weather cools down, you’ll be spending more time indoors. After all, blustery winters are around the corner, too.

Good air quality is essential if you’re going to be curling up on your favorite settee. One way to ensure that is by cleaning your air ducts to rid it of dust, build up and other things.

You Have House Pets

If you have house pets, it’s essential you get to cleaning your air ducts as soon as possible. Pet fur can be damaging to air systems, especially if trapped fur isn’t removed.

And especially during fall, when indoor air quality is imminent, cleaning your air ducts and checking for stray pet fur is a good idea.

To Check For Dust and Other Particles

Dust, debris and lint are other things that can compromise the quality of indoor air if your air ducts haven’t been cleaned.

These can cause respiratory problems and nasal itching if not attended. This fall, avoid random bouts of allergies by cleaning your air ducts.

Plan Old Maintenance

And of course, you shouldn’t need an excuse to keep your home clean – air ducts, included! Besides, regularly cleaning your air ducts on your own can save you tons on a professional cleaning service.

Besides, regular cleaning of your air ducts means cleaner air indoors, lesser chances of mold and mildew forming and also better health.

So what are you waiting for? Fall is about to come in a few short weeks and your air ducts should be clean as a whistle before that!

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