How Often Do I Need Cooling Tower Cleaning and Maintenance?


Cooling towers provide an ideal environment for the growth and incubation of many organisms, including the Legionella bacteria.

Periods of non-use (winter lay-up) exacerbate the problem. Although a consistent biocide program can reduce the risks, it is best practice to clean a cooling tower at least twice a year.

According to the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Technical Manual, all cooling towers should be thoroughly disinfected at a minimum of twice per year.

“Cooling towers should be cleaned and disinfected at least twice a year. Normally this maintenance will be performed before initial start-up at the beginning of the cooling season and after shutdown in the fall.”

– the OSHA Technical Manual – Section III: Chapter 7

At Clarity, we not only treat your towers to prevent corrosion and harmful bacteria like Legionella, but we also can manually clean and disinfect them as well. In fact, many of our clients have this service as part of their contract. The following paragraphs describe the general cleaning process.

Cooling Tower Fan Housing Cleaning and Maintenance

The fan housing should be carefully scrubbed and disinfected. This is a common problem area; chemical treatment cannot always prevent bacteria from getting a stronghold in these areas. Vapors from the air cause condensation to form and biological growth can be difficult to remove with traditional on-line treatment programs. Your Tower Hygiene Team will clean and disinfect this area in an effort to prevent the spread of airborne pathogens and minimize the risk of corrosion.


Cooling Tower Basin Cleaning and Maintenance

Tower basins should be cleaned and disinfected as well. These large volume areas are extremely critical as they see a large amount of cooling water. This area pools and allows bacteria to grow. This water is also tempered, oxygen-rich and provides a great breeding ground for biological activity. Cleaning, disinfecting and adding the proper chemicals to the end or start-up of your cooling season can only enhance your overall water treatment program.


Cooling Tower Distribution Pan Cleaning and Maintenance

These areas can sometimes become clogged with debris that is not removed from the system through normal filtration. All distribution pans should be opened and cleaned providing increased water flow. Reduction in flow from clogged distributors can reduce the tower’s ability to cool water tremendously. Left untreated, this can cause major increases in energy usage.


Pricing and Costs associated with Cooling Tower Cleaning

Tower Hygiene pricing is based on multiple factors including, but not limited to, the size of the tower cells, how many cells, the location of the towers, and their overall condition.

New Solid Feed Technology

To see old problems from a new vantage point requires creativity and imagination. Bigger water treatment companies may have larger marketing budgets, but they lack the passion you will find at Clarity for finding simple solutions to real-world issues.

We are turning the cooling tower water treatment industry upside down with a highly effective solid chemistry feed system that is simple, safe and environmentally friendly – it is an elegant solution to a complex problem and it may just be the best way to treat a cooling tower.

EcoSAFE Solid Feed System is the latest advancement in solid feed water treatment chemistry that not only allows for precise dosage of water treatment chemistry into a cooling system but also provides an eco-friendly program that minimizes the handling of hazardous chemicals, eliminates the need for chemical feed pumps, eliminates spills and liquid container disposal costs and minimizes shipping costs – all of which reduces your facility’s carbon footprint! Installing EcoSAFE could help you earn additional  EED points for your facility. EcoSAFE is the most innovative way to deliver time-proven chemistry.

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